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Tom Terrific! #6

"Go West Young Manfred" Oren "The Wild Blue Yonder" "Sidney in His Big Chance" "Manfred's Rapid Taxi" "Moon over Manfred" "Mighty Manfred's... more info

Treasure Chest #1

"The Champ's Treasure Hunt!" "Acts of the Apostles" "JGS's Scratch Pad" "These Birds are Unique Because of Their Beak..." "Chuck White and... more info

Treasure Chest #1

"Beginning The price of Peril" more info

Comic Album #2

Featuring Bugs Bunny "Baxter Bunny" more info

Huckleberry Hound #1050

Four-Color "The Part Time Pirate" more info

Strange Worlds #2

Ditko "I was a Prisoner on the Planet of Plunder!" more info

Treasure Chest #2

"No Peace for Bears" "The Pony Express" "Chuck White and his Friends" "God's Frontiersmen" "Those Were the Days" "You Are Citizens..Now!" more info

World Around Us, The #2 The Illustrated Story of Indians

The Illustrated story of Indiancs... as written by the white man more info

Treasure Chest #3

"They Opened the West: "The Champ's Treasure Hunt!" "Clues on Campsites" "The Sailor's Best Friend" "Chuck White and his Friends" "What's... more info

Super-Cat #4

"Off to the Moon or Bust!" more info

Walt Disney Presents #4

"The Swamp Fox" "The Nine lives of Elfego Baca" "Texas John Slaughter" more info

Quick Draw McGraw #5

1st Appearance: Snagglepuss "Water, Water Who's Got the Water?" more info