.40 Caliber Mousehunt, The

Corinn Michaels is running from a society obsessed with finding her, hiring her, using her and killing her. Secretly the Web master for a... more info

Casual Vacancy, The

A Big Novel About A Small Town… When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford is,... more info

Dragonlance Saga, Heroes II Volume 3: Galen Beknighted

Williams The Reluctant Knight Returns Becoming a knight has changed the Weasel very little. Galen Pathwarden is still reluctant to... more info

Fantastic Television

Gerani - Schulman It began in the '50s with a space ranger named Captain Video... and a superhero who moved faster than a speeding bullet.... more info

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Rowling You have in your hands the pivotal fourth novel in the seven-part tale of Harry Potter’s training as a wizard and his coming of... more info

Naruto: Innocent Heart, Demonic Blood (First Print)

Naruto: Innocent Heart, Demonic Blood In the village Hidden in the Leaves, ninja reign supreme, and school is literally a battlefield,... more info