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Hunt for Illidan Common Playset

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4x Against the Illidari
4x Akama's Promise
4x Alamira Grovetender
4x Alecia Hall
4x Arcane Research
4x Anchorite Kilandra
4x Arcanist Bartis
4x Arcanist Renaan
4x Astral Grief
4x Bane of the Illidari
4x Battle of the Crimson Watch
4x Blood Knight Kyria
4x Brain Lock
4x Cipher of Damnation The
4x Clinging Curse
4x Crusader's Sweep
4x Crush Soul
4x Dawn Ravensdale
4x "Deathgrip" Jones
4x Defener Nagalaas
4x Disarm
4x Disassemble
4x Energize
4x Equal Opportunity
4x Far Sight
4x Feint
4x The Fel and the Furious
4x Ferociousness
4x First Responder Avaressa
4x First Responder Margan
4x Forager Hoofbeat
4x Harnum Firebelly
4x Historian Firana
4x Ice Trap
4x Illia the Bitter
4x Instructor Giralo
4x I Was a Lot of Things…
4x Kaelos Sunscream
4x Kam'pah
4x Kathia the Quick
4x Kindara Mindflayer
4x Lesser Heal
4x Levitate
4x Liandra Rustshadow
4x Lightning Axe
4x Lord of Cindervein
4x Lu'ka de Wall
4x Luumon
4x Magma Totem
4x Natasha Hutchins
4x Ol' Stonewall
4x "The Painsaw"
4x Patient Shot
4x The Path of Conquest
4x Raena the Unpredictable
4x Ra'waza Stonetusk
4x Retainer Kai
4x Return to the Aldor
4x Righteousness Aura
4x Ripley Spellfizzle
4x Roger Mortis
4x Roon Plainswalker
4x Sap
4x "Scrapper" Ironbane
4x Seal of Retribution
4x The Secret Compromised
4x Skronk Skullseeker
4x Shadow
4x Stormfire
4x Tabards of the Illidari
4x Talian Bladebender
4x Taste for Blood
4x Taunting Blows
4x Teron Gorefiend, I Am…
4x Thief Catcher Norun
4x Velnoth
4x vindicator Javlo
4x Wildwatcher Elandra
4x Ya'za the Vandal

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