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March of the Legion Common Playset

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4x Absorb Magic
4x "Acid Hands" McGillicutty
4x Against the Legion
4x Alhas
4x Anchorite Alonora
4x Anchorite Viluaa
4x Arcane Guardian
4x Arcanist Avelena
4x Arcanist Raith
4x Arcanist Tian
4x Bizzazz
4x Blessed Protector
4x Bloodblade
4x Bloodeye
4x The Blood is Life
4x Bloodsoul
4x Bloody Weapon
4x Bolan Earthmend
4x Captain Swash
4x Caretaker Devonar
4x Caretaker Heartwing
4x Caretaker Mooncrier
4x Chasten
4x Chill
4x Cholda Windbloom
4x Cold Front
4x Crippling Shot
4x Curse of Contagion
4x Darynus
4x Demonic Contamination
4x Cousing the Flames of Protection
4x Durae Crystalshield
4x Earth and Sky
4x Earth's Bounty
4x Elements' Fury
4x Ezra Phoenix
4x Falling to Corruption
4x A Final Blow
4x Force of Jaedenar
4x Forge Camp: Annihilated
4x "Fungus Face" McGillicutty
4x Gabble
4x Gareth Ironshot
4x Groundshaker Earnheart
4x Gurzuk
4x Hanaga Silverein
4x Head Trauma
4x Hellfire Fortifications
4x Hide and Stab
4x Hota the Bloodsoaked
4x Infusion of Fortitude
4x Ingrid Shadowstorm
4x Intensify Rage
4x Jaedan Sunshot
4x Jav Stonewall
4x Ja'zoona
4x Jurpak
4x Kyla Duskrider
4x Levixus the Soul Caller
4x The Light's Largess
4x Magdeline Prideheart
4x Magister Ashi
4x Magma Spike
4x Mental Anguish
4x The Name of the Beast
4x Natural Remedies
4x Neophyte Morandi
4x Nether Fracture
4x Obfuscate
4x On the Bank
4x Ossandran, Crematorium Master
4x Piana
4x Pride of the Fel Horde
4x Puncture
4x Rahn Grimstaff
4x Reclusion
4x Retainer Jitaen
4x Retainer Kedryn
4x Retainer Nealos
4x Retainer Salvan
4x Retainer Zaelan
4x Retribution of the Light
4x The Root of All Evil
4x Routeen
4x Sacred Purification
4x Safeguard
4x Salt the Wounds
4x Scraps
4x Serpent Sting
4x Shadala
4x Shattrath Cith peacekeeper
4x Shred
4x Silea Dawnwalker
4x Soul Inversion
4x "Spider Legs" McGillicutty
4x The Spirit Polluted
4x Stoneclaw Totem
4x Strangling Roots
4x Survey the Land
4x Swallow Soul
4x Swipe
4x Syluri
4x Tarwila Gladespring
4x Thulthun
4x Touch of the Arcane
4x Toxic Horror
4x Tracker Pardo
4x A Traitor Among Us
4x Tyrennius Scatheblade
4x Vindicator Belian
4x Vindicator Kaldel
4x Vindicator Melina
4x Vindicator Trytan
4x Wanted: Duran the Hungerer
4x Weeble
4x Xavar the Resourceful
4x Yellowspine
4x You Are Rakh'likh, Demon
4x Zaistor the Vigilant
4x Zandar Shadesprocket

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