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Servants of the Betrayer Common Playset

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4x Alchemist Norrin'thal
4x Arcanist Lyronia
4x Angelista
4x Armed to the Teeth
4x Atani of the Watch
4x Banish to the Nether
4x Blaze
4x Blessing of the Martyr
4x Bogspike
4x Breen Toestubber
4x Bulvai of the Watch
4x Cerrik Blooddawn
4x Champion Stance
4x Cloak of Shadows
4x Coilfang Myrmidon
4x David Smythe
4x Deep Sea Salvage
4x Delrach the Vile
4x Diversion
4x Dr. Boom!
4x Earth Mother's Blessing
4x Falana of the Glen
4x Fel Fire
4x Firewing Signets
4x Flash of Light
4x Gobloz
4x Hulok Trailblazer
4x An Improper Burial
4x Information Gathering
4x Jae'va the Relentless
4x Jessup Smythe
4x Jezbella of Karabor
4x Lacerate
4x Leader of the Darkcrest
4x Life Cycle
4x Lilith Smythe
4x Living Pyre
4x Llyras Keeneye
4x Maelstrom Weapon
4x Magistrix Dianas
4x Manaforge B'naar
4x Marks of Kil'jaeden
4x Meeting with the Master
4x Melt Face
4x Metalmorph
4x Miner Steelwhiskers
4x Myriam Starcaller
4x Narthadus
4x The Natural Order
4x Order of Lady Vashj
4x Orderkeeper Calister
4x Orderkeeper Henley
4x Prayer Mending
4x Prepare for War
4x Quigley Slipshade
4x Rain of Arrows
4x Rames the Purifier
4x Retainer Cara
4x Retainer Zian
4x Roena Trailmaker
4x Run to Ground
4x Rysa the Earthcaller
4x Salvation
4x Scholar Krosiss
4x Seal of Redemption
4x Sha'kar
4x Shutting Down Manaforge Ara
4x The Sigil of Krasus
4x Smash
4x Stella Forgebane
4x Storm Shock
4x Sunfury Briefings
4x Sunseeker Astromage
4x Tatulla the Reclaimer
4x Tarn Darkwalker
4x Unbalance
4x The Unending Invasion
4x Vexmaster Nar'jo
4x Vindicator Agran
4x Vindicator Ostakron

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