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Battle for Zendikar Uncommon Playset

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4x Adverse Conditions
4x Akoum Stonewaker
4x Angel of Renewal
4x Bane of Bala Ged
4x Blighted Cataract
4x Blighted Fen
4x Blighted Gorge
4x Blighted Steppe
4x Blighted Woodland
4x Bloodbond Vampire
4x Breaker of Armies
4x Brood Monitor
4x Carrier Thrall
4x Catacomb Sifter
4x Chasm Guide
4x Coastal Discovery
4x Crumble to Dust
4x Cryptic Cruiser
4x Dampening Pulse
4x Deathless Behemoth
4x Drana's Emissary
4x Encircling Fissure
4x Expedition Envoy
4x Firemantle Mage
4x Forerunner of Slaughter
4x Grip of Desolation
4x Grove Rumbler
4x Grovetender Druids
4x Hagra Sharpshooter
4x Halimar Tidecaller
4x Hedron Archive
4x Herald of Kozilek
4x Horribly Awry
4x Infuse with the Elements
4x Jaddi Offshoot
4x Kor Bladewhirl
4x Kor Entanglers
4x Malakir Familiar
4x Molten Nursery
4x Murasa Ranger
4x Ondu Rising
4x Pathway Arrows
4x Pilgrim's Eye
4x Plated Crusher
4x Processor Assault
4x Resolute Blademaster
4x Retreat to Coralhelm
4x Retreat to Emeria
4x Retreat to Hagra
4x Retreat to Kazandu
4x Retreat to Valakut
4x Rising Miasma
4x Roil Spout
4x Roil's Retribution
4x Rolling Thunder
4x Rot Shambler
4x Ruination Guide
4x Scythe Leopard
4x Serene Steward
4x Skitterskin
4x Skyrider Elf
4x Slab Hammer
4x Spawning Bed
4x Stasis Snare
4x Sylvan Scrying
4x Tajuru Warcaller
4x Tide Drifter
4x Titan's Presence
4x Transgress the Mind
4x Tunneling Geopede
4x Turn Against
4x Ulamog's Despoiler
4x Ulamog's Nullifier
4x Ulamog's Reclaimer
4x Unified Front
4x Vampiric Rites
4x Vile Aggregate
4x Void Attendant
4x Windrider Patrol
4x Zulaport Cutthroat

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  • Manufactured by: W.O.T.C, Wizards of the Coast

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