NBM Publishing

NBM Publishing (a.k.a. Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing Inc.) is an American publisher of graphic novels. The company has translated and published over 150 graphic novels from Europe and Canada, as well as several works by Americans. NBM publishes materials for all ages, and it also publishes erotic materials under its Eurotica and Amerotica lines.

NBM's "editorial choices . . . takes [their] cue from the large and well-respected European comics scene. "The company claims it is the "second-largest indie comics press after Fantagraphics, with close to $3M in yearly retail sales on over 200,000 graphic novels sold a year, plus tens of thousands of comic books and magazines. . . ."



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Breakout Common Playset

Breakout Common Playset

$30.00  $9.00