Warp Graphics

WaRP Graphics, later Warp Graphics, is an alternative comics publisher best known for creating and being the original publisher of the Elfquest comic book series. It was created and incorporated in 1977 by Wendy and Richard Pini. The company title is an acronym formed from the founding couple's name: Wendy and Richard Pini. (In later years the capitalization was changed from WaRP to Warp, a mostly aesthetic move.)

In addition to Elfquest, WaRP also published several other comic book series, including MythAdventures and related titles by Robert Asprin, and Thunder Bunny, created by Martin Greim.

WaRP was also the original publisher of A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran, until Doran left under acrimonious circumstances, alleging that publisher Richard Pini was attempting to claim copyright on her work, which Pini denied. The Pinis later sued licensee publisher Starblaze Graphics claiming publication of unauthorized Elfquest reprints, as well as for attempting to secure the rights to the A Distant Soil series. WaRP alleged breach of Warp's contract with Doran. WaRP in breach of their contract with Doran, claimed full copyright and trademark interests in Doran's work, and later claimed to have created the entire series themselves Starblaze countersued; the dispute was settled in 1988. WaRP ceded the full rights of A Distant Soil to Doran, and dropped its claim to having created the series in a written public statement and release.



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