Verotik is a mature-themed comic book company founded in August 1994 by heavy metal/horror punk musician Glenn Danzig (vocalist for bands The Misfits, Samhain and Danzig). The comics are aimed toward adult readers as they often contain imagery of a sexual and/or violent nature. 'Verotik' is a portmanteau created by Glenn Danzig from the words 'violent' and 'erotic'.

Since childhood, Glenn Danzig had been an avid comic book collector with frustrated aspirations of being a comic book writer and artist. His fascination with horror is expressed through his music and comic books.

The Verotik title Grub Girl was developed into a pornographic movie in 2006, starring Brittney Skye and Eva Angelina. The movie was directed by Craven Moorehead, who would later go on to direct Danzig's music video for "Crawl Across Your Killing Floor". The soundtrack features a remix of the Danzig song "Unspeakable". Glenn Danzig is working on a movie adaptation of the Verotik title Ge Rouge, which he will also direct.



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