Alf (1988-92)

An ALF comic book was published by Marvel Comics beginning in 1987 and ran for four years, totaling 50 issues and several specials. For virtually the entire series' run, the creative team was Michael Gallagher (script) and Dave Manak & Marie Severin (art). The comic loosely followed the continuity of the television show (though it featured alternate takes on certain episodes, like the birth of Eric Tanner) and featured numerous parodies of Marvel Comics characters and other pop-culture parodies in the form of "Melmac Flashbacks." It was the first instance to feature ALF's natural family in a reverse scenario where Willie Tanner is an astronaut who crashes his spaceship into ALF's garage on Melmac, and the Shumway family works to protect Willie from hostile Melmackians.


Alf #3

Gallagher - Manak - Severin - Oakley - Jaconson - DeFalco "Travels with Willie" more info

Alf #21

Gallagher - Manak - Severin - Parker - Jacobson - DeFalco "Babe in the Woods!" Part 2 more info