Amazing Adventures (1970-76)

Amazing Adventures is the name of several anthology comic book series, all but one published by Marvel Comics.

The earliest Marvel series of that name introduced the company's first superhero of the late-1950s to early-1960s period fans and historians call the Silver Age of Comic Books. That same series also included the first comic book to be labeled "Marvel Comics".


Amazing Adventures #15

Englehart - Sutton - Giacoia - Tartag - Izzo - Thomas Amazing Adventures Featuring The Beast Appearance: The Beast "The Bludgeoning Beast!... more info

Amazing Adventures #17

Drake - Englehart - Roth - Starling - Verpoorten - Tartaglione - Esposito - Thomas Amazing Adventures Featuring the Beast "The Bludgeoning... more info

Amazing Adventures #19

Conway - Chaykin - McLaughlin - Costanza - Goldberg - Thomas Amazing Adventures Featuring War of the Worlds "Sirens of 7th Ave" more info


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