Hellstorm: Prince of L (1993-94)

Hellstorm: Prince of Lies

Encouraged by the recent success of Ghost Rider and The Tomb of Dracula, both of which starred occult characters, Stan Lee proposed a series starring Satan, to be titled "The Mark of Satan". Editor Roy Thomas had reservations about this idea and suggested a series on the son of Satan instead. (Due to an oversight, "The Mark of Satan" is mentioned in a blurb in Ghost Rider #1.)

According to Thomas, Lee approved of the idea, and Gary Friedrich and Herb Trimpe were assigned the task of designing the character. However, Trimpe denies this, claiming that Friedrich alone designed Daimon Hellstrom and only brought him in as artist after the character was fully realized. To further muddy the question of who created Hellstrom, Thomas has said he later realized that he unconsciously nicked the "son of Satan" concept from his friend Biljo White.

The character Daimon Hellstrom first appeared in Ghost Rider vol. 2, #1 (Sept. 1973), then was spun off into a feature, "Son of Satan", in Marvel Spotlight #12–24 (Oct. 1973 – Oct. 1975). During the "Son of Satan" run, Marvel Spotlight was a highly controversial series, with numerous readers writing to object to the depictions of satanism and wiccanism as being either inaccurate or furthering the cause of evil. Nonetheless, sales were strong, prompting Marvel to launch the character into his own series, Son of Satan, written by John Warner. The character's success faded soon after the series launch, and Son of Satan was cancelled with issue #7, though an unused fill-in was published as Son of Satan #8 (February 1977).

Following the series cancellation, Hellstrom continued to be a recurring character in Defenders, Steve Gerber having added the character to the team during the time he was writing the "Son of Satan" feature in Marvel Spotlight. One of the later writers on Defenders, J. M. DeMatteis, featured a number of subplots focused on Daimon Hellstrom, commenting that he "was absolutely my favorite character. Characters like Son of Satan are a wonderful metaphor for what we all contain, good and evil, high and low aspirations. He's literally the son of the Devil, trying not to be what his father is. For a writer like me, how can you not feast on that?"

In 1993, he once more received his own series with Hellstorm: Prince of Lies. As suggested by the title, his surname was spelled "Hellstorm" during this series. Rafael Nieves wrote the first 11 issues; Warren Ellis then took over as writer until the series's cancellation with #21.

Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #1

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