Marvel Team-Up (1972-85)

Marvel Team-Up is the name of several American comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The series featured two or more Marvel characters in one story. The original series was published from March 1972 through February 1985, featuring Spider-Man as the lead "team-up" character in all but nine of its 150 issues; of the remainder the Human Torch and the Hulk starred in six and three issues, respectively. When cancelled, the title was replaced by Web of Spider-Man.

The second series was published for 11 issues from September 1997 through July 1998 and originally featured Spider-Man; Namor the Sub-Mariner was the featured character starting with #8. A quarterly series titled Spider-Man Team-Up fulfilled much the same purpose as the original title from 1995-1997. The third Marvel Team-Up series, written by Robert Kirkman, began publication in January 2005 and frequently featured Spider-Man. This volume often reintroduced lesser-known Marvel characters that had fallen into obscurity.

The spirit of Marvel Team-Up was carried on by Avenging Spider-Man and later Superior Spider-Man Team-Up.


Marvel Team-Up #3
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Marvel Team-Up #3

Conway - Andru - Giacoia - Simek Featuring Spider-Man and the Human Torch Appearance: Morbius "The Power to Purge" more info

Marvel Team-Up #4

Conway - Kane - Mitchell - Costanza - Thomas Featuring Spider-Man and the X-Men "And then.. the X-Men!" more info