Ultimates 2 (2004-07)

A year later public opinion has turned against the team when it is discovered that Bruce Banner is in fact the Hulk and was responsible for hundreds of deaths. The team is undermined further when Thor is accused of being an escaped mental patient and is incarcerated. This is the doing of his brother Loki, who also facilitates the creation of a new team of anti-American multi-nationals called the Liberators. With the aid of the Black Widow - who betrays the team to the Liberators - the Ultimates are captured, but eventually escape and battle the Liberators to the death. With the aid of Asgardian warriors, the Ultimates defeat both Loki and the Liberators.


Ultimates 2 #2

Millar - Hitch - Neary - Martin - Eliopoulos - Lowe - Macchio - Quesada - Buckley "Dead Man Walking" more info

Ultimates 2 #8

Millar - Hitch - Neary - Martin - Elioplous - Weinstein - Wiley - Baraber - Macchio - Quesada - Buckley - Currie "Born on the Fourth of... more info