Ultragirl (1996)

Ultra Girl (Suzanna Sherman, derived from her Kree name Tsu-Zana) is a superhero in the Marvel Universe. The character, created by Barbara Kesel and Leonard Kirk, first appeared in Ultragirl #1-3 (November 1996 - January 1997). The character went on to costar in the ongoing series Avengers: The Initiative and the miniseries Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt.

Within the context of the stories, Suzy Sherman is an aspiring model. However, in the course of a few days, she grows inches taller, rapidly acquiring the physique of the average female bodybuilder, and develops superpowers. Suzy discovers that she is a mutant Kree warrior, born Tsu-Zana. Suzy is dubbed Ultra Girl by the press. and helps the superhero team known as the New Warriors defeat the villain Effex. Her powers include flight, super-strength, multi-spectral vision, and a healing factor.

Ultra Girl becomes a member of Captain America's Secret Avengers in the Civil War among superheroes. After its conclusion, she joins the Initiative. She enters into a romantic relationship with Justice and eventually graduates from the Initiative. She and Thor Girl are assigned to protect Georgia, with Ultra Girl wearing a new costume: Carol Danvers' original Ms. Marvel outfit, given to Suzy by Carol as a graduation present. During the Dark Reign, Ultra Girl is ordered to hand over her Ms. Marvel costume, as Norman Osborn has secured the rights to the name and likeness, and creates a new Ms. Marvel. After saving Justice from the deranged Thor clone Ragnarok, Ultra Girl joins Justice's new New Warriors team in leaving the Initiative.


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Ultragirl (Complete Series #1-3)

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Ultragirl #1

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