Untold Tales of Spider (1995-97)

The Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995-97)

Untold Tales of Spider-Man is an American comic book series starring Spider-Man published by Marvel Comics for 26 issues (#1-25, and a -1 issue between #s 22 and 23) from September, 1995 to October, 1997.

The comic was part of an experiment for Marvel where they published a number of new titles for only 99 cents, in the hope that they would attract new, young readers who might have been put off by the then US$1.50/1.95 standard prices for comic books. Uniquely among those titles, Untold Tales' stories presented new stories set in Spider-Man's early super-hero career.

The series was primarily written by Kurt Busiek and pencilled by Pat Olliffe, though Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, and Ron Frenz also contributed.


Untold Tales of Spider-Man, The #-1

Stern - Romita Jr. - Milgrom - Starkings - Comicraft - Mattsson - Robinson - Brevoort - Smart - Harras "There's a Man Who Leads a Life of... more info

Untold Tales of Spider-Man, The #4

Busiek - Olliffe - Eklund - Starkings - Mattsson - Brevoort - Budiansky "An Untold Tale of Triumph and Tragedy, Th