World War Hulk (2007)

"World War Hulk" is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled limited series and various other titles published by Marvel Comics in 2007, featuring the Hulk.

The series consists of five main issues titled World War Hulk, with Greg Pak as writer and John Romita, Jr. as penciller, and three other limited series: World War Hulk: Front Line, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps, and World War Hulk: X-Men. It also ran through several other Marvel comics series.

The plot is the culmination of a series of events that began with the Hulk being tricked into space by the Illuminati and a life model decoy of Nick Fury, the Hulk's subsequent exile seen in Planet Hulk and his imminent return to Earth to seek revenge on the Illuminati.


World War Hulk #3

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World War Hulk #4

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