X-Men Evolution (2002)

X-Men: Evolution is a Canadian-American animated television series about the Marvel Comics superhero team X-Men. In this incarnation, many of the characters are teenagers rather than adults. The series ran for a total of four seasons (52 episodes) from November 2004 until October 2007 on Kids' WB, which has made it the third longest-running Marvel Comics animated series, behind only Fox Kids' X-Men and Spider-Man animated series. The series began running on Disney XD on June 15, 2009.

Critical reception towards X-Men: Evolution has been mixed. While critics tended to like the quality of the series, they felt that it was inferior to the original X-Men animated series, additionally describing the treatment of its characters as typical and unoriginal.

This series introduces X-23.


X-Men Evolution #1

Grayson - Udon - Vo - Studio XD - Gentile - MAcchio - Smith - Quesada - Jemas "Lines in the Sand" more info

X-Men Evolution #2

Grayson - Udon - Vo - Park - Saka - Gentile - Macchio - Smith - Quesada - Jemas "Seeing Clearly" more info