DC Special Series (1977-81)

DC Special Series was an umbrella title for one-shots and special issues published by DC Comics between 1977 and 1981. Each issue featured a different character and was often in a different format than the issue before it. DC Special Series was published in four different formats: Dollar Comics, 48 page giants, digests, and treasury editions. Neither the umbrella title nor the numbering system appear on the cover; the title "DC Special Series" appeared only on the first page in the indicia. Most issues featured new material, but eight issues were reprints of previously published material. The final issue featured a DC-Marvel crossover between Batman and the Hulk


Dc Special Series #7 (Ghosts Special)

Kahn - Orlando - Boltnoff - Ader - Coolletta - Levitz - Harison - Gutowitz "Ghosts and the Supernatural" more info