Ghosts (1971-82)

Ghosts is a horror comic book series published by DC Comics for 112 issues from September-October 1971 to May 1982. Its tagline was "True Tales of the Weird and Supernatural" (December 1978), changed to "New Tales of the Weird and Supernatural," as of #75 (April 1979), and dropped after #104 (September 1981).


Ghosts #4

"The Crimson Claw!" "The Threshold of Nightmare House!" "The Fanged Specters of Kinshoro" more info

Ghosts #19

Alcata "The Dead Live On" more info

Ghosts #37

"The Haunting of the White House" more info

Ghosts #39

Crur "The Most Hated Ghost in England" more info

Ghosts #42

Crur "The Phantom Frigate" more info

Ghosts #43

Redondo "The River of Phantoms more info

Ghosts #47

Crur "Wrath of the Restless Specters" more info

Ghosts #59

Kashdan - Rival - Serpe - Boltinoff "The Demon Within Me" more info

Ghosts #79

Carrillo - Roy "Lure of the Specter" more info

Ghosts #82

Redondo - Esphidy - Roy "The Ghost Woudn't Die" more info

Ghosts #99

Post - McWilliams - Costanza - Lerose "Till Death Do Us Join!" more info


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