Devil May Cry (2004)

Three issues of a comic adaptation of the first game were published by Canadian publisher Dreamwave Productions in 2004, but the series was left unfinished when the company went bankrupt in 2005.[42] On July 25, 2008, both WildStorm (a DC Comics’ imprint) and Capcom announced that they are joining to create a new Devil May Cry comic book series. The details on the new comic series, including creative team and launch month, will be announced at a later date.


Devil May Cry (Complete Series #1-3)
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Devil May Cry (Complete Series #1-3)

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Complete Series Includes: #2 (CGI Variant), more info
Devil May Cry #1 (CGI Variant)
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Devil May Cry #1 (CGI Variant)

Mick - Garcia - Bergkvist - Diozon - Lee - Morris - Lee - Lee - McDonough - Cruz - Enomoto - Mostman Part 1 of 3 "Evil Woman" more info