Project Superpowers (2008)

Project Superpowers is a comic book limited series published by Dynamite Entertainment beginning January 2008. It was co-plotted by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross, with scripts by Jim Krueger, covers by Alex Ross, and interior art by Doug Klauba and Stephen Sadowski for issue #0, and Carlos Paul for the remainder of the series. Ross is also art director, which includes sketched pages, color guides, and redesigns of most of the characters.

The series resurrects a number of Golden Age superheroes originally published by companies including Fox Comics, Crestwood Publications, and Nedor Comics, many of whom are in the public domain, including the protagonist, Fighting Yank.

Project Superpowers #1 (Signed by Ross & Krueger)

Dynamic Forces, Sighned by Alex Ross & Jim Krueger, Numbers 128 of 150, with Certificate of Authenticity more info

Project Superpowers #3 (Foil Edition)

Limited to 815 copies, with Certificate of Authenticity more info