Treasure Chest (1959-60)

Treasure Chest (full name for most of its run: Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact) was a Catholic-oriented comic book series created by Dayton, Ohio publisher George A. Pflaum and distributed in parochial schools from 1946 to 1972.

Its inspirational stories of sports and folk heroes, saints, school kids, Catholic living, history, science and similar topics were drawn by artists that included such prominent figures as EC's Reed Crandall, Graham Ingels and Joe Orlando, Marvel Comics' Joe Sinnott, and DC Comics' Murphy Anderson and Jim Mooney. Other features included literary adaptations and such typical comics fare as funny animal humor strips.


Treasure Chest #1

"The Champ's Treasure Hunt!" "Acts of the Apostles" "JGS's Scratch Pad" "These Birds are Unique Because of Their Beak..." "Chuck White and... more info

Treasure Chest #3

"They Opened the West: "The Champ's Treasure Hunt!" "Clues on Campsites" "The Sailor's Best Friend" "Chuck White and his Friends" "What's... more info