Star Wars: Republic (1998-Cur)

Star Wars: Republic is an American comic book series set in the fictional Star Wars universe. The series was published by Dark Horse Comics from 1998 to February 2006. The series was originally titled simply Star Wars, but acquired its Republic title at issue 46. The entire series comprises 83 issues. The Star Wars: Republic series is one of a number of comic book series set in the Star Wars universe.

The events in Star Wars: Republic are set in roughly the same fictional timeframe as the Star Wars film prequel trilogy. Character development builds on the films, including appearances by Mace Windu, whose image is fashioned after actor Samuel L. Jackson. However, the comic also prominently features characters such as Quinlan Vos and Vilmarh Grahrk that either do not appear or make only brief appearances in the films. After issue 83 the title of the series changes to Star Wars: Dark Times with a new issue #1, but with Star Wars: Republic numbering present on the inside cover.


Star Wars: Republic #29

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