Welcome to the streets of Night City, California. The new millennium is more than twenty years behind us, and even nostalgia has forgotten the 1990’s. After the governments lost their power most people forgot about everything but survival; ultra rich Corporations have become the new ruling class. In this new world order Corporations operate under the philosophy of ‘Extremely Hostile Takeovers’: hired guns and hackers are the premium in free-lance contractors. You gotta be mean, tough, and smart to survive these streets. Those that aren’t, well… you can always get a few bucks for spare parts at a black market body bank ‘Course, if you don’t like the idea of running black ops on hi tech facilities you could always try to cut a living in the combat zone. It’s a lot meaner, but at least there isn’t automated security, right? Regardless of whether you come from the Streets, the Government, or the Corporations, you’re ganna have to learn to dodge lead, r wear lots of armor. So welcome to the Friday Night Firefight – try not to get yourself shot.