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We have one guy that grades all of our comic books. He uses the "Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide" to determine what a particular grade he believes a comic book will earn. Grading is highly subjective and it seems like everyone has an opinion as to what grade a comic book should be, ours is listed in the profile for each of our comic books.

As you peruse our inventory you will see comics listed as "EEO Comic Book Grade (Ungraded)" This represents a comic book that has not gained enough value to warrant the extra time it takes to grade. You may think of these as "Reader" comics. Meaning, you shouldn't be afraid to read them because at this point they do not have extraordinary monetary value.

Q: Does that mean the staples are falling out?!?
A: No, generally if these comics were to be graded they would fall somewhere between; 3.0 Good / Very Good & 10.0 Gem Mint.

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10.0 Gem Mint (GM)
This is an exceptional example of a given book - the best ever seen. The slightest bindery defects and / or printing flaws may be seen only upon very close inspection. The overall look is "as if it has never been handled or released for purchase."

Bindery / Printing Defects
Only the slightest bindery or printing defects are allowed, and these would be imperceptible on first views. no bindery tears.